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Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

The Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles, created in 2012, was the result of project REIVE (Smart Grids with Electric Vehicles). The aim of the REIVE project was to create a technological platform for identifying, specifying, developing and testing innovative solutions to actively and intelligently manage electric power systems.

The purpose was to attain a progressive technical and commercial integration of microgeneration systems and electric vehicles (EV), without having to reinforce the grids, and simultaneously maximising the integration of renewable sources of energy in the system, guaranteeing high safety levels and energy efficiency.

Integrated and intelligent management

The laboratory component associated to electric mobility makes it possible to provide control and interfacing solutions for Electric Vehicle charging. These solutions should be capable of guaranteeing the interconnection between market and electric system operators using a hierarchical control and communication infrastructure. As a result, it is possible to intelligently integrate electric vehicles and distributed energy resources.

This infrastructure features a high technological component that will make it possible to develop solutions and pre-industrial prototypes with great potential for exploitation.

Towards a new paradigm

The Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles promotes a change in the current mobility paradigm by creating the technical conditions in the electrical grid for an increased use of electric vehicles.

Simultaneously, the Laboratory triggers a change in the current operation of distribution networks by using the smartgrids concept, exploiting at the same time the distributed energy storage capacity provided by the EV batteries.

Making the country greener

The Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles contributes to achieving the goals of the national energy policy through large reductions in CO2 emissions resulting from the progressive and technically sustained integration of electric vehicles, combined with the use of renewable energies,  particularly those with intermittency features, such as photovoltaic or wind power.

Considering the industrialisation potential of the technologies and products to be developed and the technology-based services provided by this Laboratory, it will also be possible to improve and transform the industrial fabric.

Support and funding

The Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles received funding from the FAI – Fundo de Apoio à Inovação (Innovation Support Fund) and the ON2 - O Novo Norte (North Portugal Regional Operational Programme). 

The Infrastructure has a strong connection with the InovGrid project, proposing an extension and improvement of electricity grid management and control solutions and functionalities, which includes developing and testing prototypes and pilot systems. This laboratory also joins efforts with other on-going projects within the Competitiveness and Technology Cluster for the Energy Sector and with the advanced training Doctoral Programs in Sustainable Energy Systems of the MIT Portugal programme.

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