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Intermediate results of project REIVE presented at INESC Porto

INESC Porto conducted a public session to present the intermediate results of project REIVE (Smart Grids with Electric Vehicles), hosting the industrial partners and the executive commission for the Fund to Support Financing for Innovation (FAI), Victor Martins, Nuno Lúcio and Pedro Correia.

The themes debated during the session included: the architecture of smart grids with electric vehicles (EVs), assessing the impact of EVs on the distribution system and defining the capacity of the operating reserve, architectures and advanced communication solutions, the laboratory infrastructure to test the batteries, electronic communication systems and battery monitoring. The session also included a demonstration of a pre-industrial prototype that will serve as a battery interface for EVs.   

The session took place on 6th September and hosted the scientific partners, the National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (LNEG) and CEETA – ECO (Energy Consultants).

Project REIVE is led by João Peças Lopes, a Director of INESC Porto, and includes a research component with industrial objectives and a laboratory component that is associated with electric mobility. The project will last two years and its main aims are to develop strategies to control smart interfaces that manage Electric Vehicles and promote the transfer of technology to industrial partners.

This Project is funded by FAI and the industrial partners REN, EDP Distribuição, Efacec, Contar, Logica and Galp Energia. REIVE's scientific partners are LNEG and CEETA-ECO.


Source: BIP September 2011

For the first time in Portugal!
This laboratory infrastructure makes it possible to test, for the first time in Portugal, advanced hardware and software to manage and control power grids in an almost real environment.